“Getting a suitable fusion reactor is proving to be very problematic,” she said frustrated to George, who was sitting across the meeting table. He looked severely overworked, his face fixed in an expression of alarm and anguish, telling black circles under his eyes. He seemed to have lost weight the past few months, weight he shouldn’t have lost in the first place. Jinaan thought she’d ask him to visit a doctor; she couldn’t have her star scientist, the head of their design department, collapsing or anything. Besides, they had grown to be quite close over the past few years; she cared about what happened to him.

There were two other people in the meeting room with them. One was the director of engineering, a French gentleman in his fifties called Jacques, and the other the head of the legal department, a French lady in her forties named Antoinette. He was visibly overweight, wearing a pair of old jeans and a drub shirt, while she was dressed in an immaculate power-suit that complimented her well-exercised figure. It was very hard to imagine they were husband and wife, the contrast was so striking.